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7 steps bannerHow to Get Started as a New Investor

When I first got started in real estate investing I was LOST.  There are so many options and hundreds of people telling you how to get started and flip your fist house.   I was always concerned with the fact that I had NO MONEY, NO CREDIT and NO Experience.   And you may be concerned that you do not have the money or credit to get started.  You may even think is flipping houses for me?

The good news is, there are several proven real estate investment methods where no credit or cash is needed, such as wholesaling houses, re-wholesaling, lease options, and other “no money down” solutions.  I have even rehabbed a house with No Money (I used other peoples money). We have personally used all of these methods and helped students use these methods successfully.  Heck, if I can do it you can do it to.

You may be thinking to your self how can you flip a house with no money.  All it takes is a Little bit of Drive, Education and Determination.
Anyone can be successful at real estate investing

Being successful in real estate does not require large amounts of money, huge credit lines, or a degree in business or finance. It just requires you to make the effort to learn the strategies and apply them.

Real Estate Flipping Riches Subscribers and Users are currently flipping houses and doing deals every day.  And many of them are just like you.

How to Become a successful investor with an education from Real Estate Flipping Riches

In addition to all the free courses, eBook, videos and articles on, we also offer a variety of Paid training courses, designed by Veteran Real Estate investors.

We have been through hundreds of real estate investing courses and spent tens of thousands of dollars on our education.   We only offer you the best of the best education and training material that is proven to work and are easy to understand. They are available in our courses tab or education tab.

Everything that we personally offer comes with a No questions asked money back guarantee and every course that we are affiliated with offers a money back guarantee.

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